6-month Value Added Course in either Cookery or Bakery at Ambrosia Institute of Hotel Management:


The Ambrosia Institute of Hotel Management is pleased to offer a 6-month Value Added Course in either Cookery or Bakery. The course is designed to provide aspiring chefs or baking enthusiasts with hands-on, practical training in their chosen field. Students will learn fundamental techniques, master advanced skills, and gain an understanding of the essential principles of Cookery or Bakery.

Course Details:

Duration: 6 months

Curriculum Highlights:

1. Introduction to Cookery/Bakery:

- Understanding cookware, bakeware, and essentials.

- Knife skills and food preparation.

- Introduction to ingredients and equipment.

2. International Cuisine/Bakery and Pastry Arts:

- Exploring diverse cuisines or the art of baking.

- Learning cooking/baking techniques, best practices, and signature dishes.

- Introduction to ethnic ingredients and methods.

3. Advanced Cookery/Bakery Techniques:

- Advanced principles and advanced cooking/baking techniques.

- Fundamentals in cooking with various grains, meats, and vegetables.

- Introduction to artisanal bread making techniques, desserts, and decorating.

4. Kitchen/Bakery Management:

- Proper sanitation and safety precautions.

- Understanding of food hygiene, safety, and audit procedures.

- Basic knowledge in menu planning, staff management, and budget planning.


To enroll in the Cookery/Bakery Value Added Course at Ambrosia Institute of Hotel Management, candidates must have completed 10th grade or its equivalent.

Join us for this value-added 6-month Cookery/Bakery Course that will provide you with an enriching experience in the culinary arts or bakery. The course comprises a perfect blend of practice and theory, giving students the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue their interest in cooking or bakery.

Enroll today and take the first step towards a fulfilling career in the hospitality industry.